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Hawaii Future Project is a non-profit public interest group designed to expand the understanding and implementation of Judeo-Christian Values as the foundation of self government.  

By signing into this data base driven site you are working with thousands of Hawaii's citizens to impact our state for the better.

We are working with website building, social media, Level-2 voter mapping and data base sites such as this one to assemble the cultural/political infrastructure to win elections and transform state politics.

This goal can be accomplished with the support and input particularly of those who have given up on cultural transformation and feel powerless to achieve lasting progress.

Our state needs new ideas and experience and the solid reasoning of those who hold traditional values to put our state and her people on the path of growth, opportunity and prosperity for all segment of our society.  

Your participation as an inform citizens and your ability to integrate your passion and experience into state wide coalition groups will magnify our impact throughout the state of Hawaii.

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    The Calling of Citizenship

    The Calling of Citizenship: 

    Hawaii Future Project is a non-profit public interest group designed to expand the understanding and implementation of Judeo-Christian Values as the foundation of self government.  To accomplish this we use advanced communication platforms designed to inform citizens and integrate coalition groups and magnify their impact.


    Our experience is that people are often antagonistic towards others on many issues involving culture and politics.  

    Therefore through the application of communication, organization and action we propose to highlight and advance the common goals all conservative people have and through that process create the unity and direction needed to achieve those same goals in the cultural and political arena.

    History has shown that the fabric of society, when united around biblical principals such as consideration for others, equal justice and personal responsibility can advance and sustain cultural, political and technological achievements.

    Under the Judeo-Christian System all people can live in relative harmony regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or non-religion, gender or class.  And, that the essential structures of a just society consist of stable two parent families, respect for human life, equal justice under the law, and government operating under Constitutional restraint.   


    Individuals who believe this to be true must take concrete action to support and defend these values in the public sphere of government and culture.  

    Absent our consistent and combined vigilance the rights and freedoms secured within our constitutional system inevitable degenerate into base authoritarianism.  

    Each citizen must defend the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence or risk in one generation losing the freedoms and liberties they contain, not only for themselves, but for generations to come. 


    With the election of 2016, we have seen how close this nation is to a societal collapse of foundational liberties and the electoral overthrow of Constitutional government for one of arbitrary and abusive power.


    The lesson of this elections and its continued aftermath for Christians and all conservatives is we have a relentless and deceived adversary who can and must be defeated.  In every nation on Earth where the politics of envy, division and class hatred are used to create a centralized all powerful socialist state the  results are disastrous for freedom, faith and the just exercise of lawful authority.



    Biblical Authority: The Source of Societal Influence: 

    Those who adhere to Judeo Christian values face relentless propaganda that seeks to marginalize and suppress their effectiveness in defending and advancing the essential value of marriage, human life and ethical/moral conduct.    

    At the same time all Christian Authority arises from the conviction that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, from which all just freedoms and responsibilities are illuminated.  This Biblical Authority is the foundation from which positive influence is exerted on culture and society.


    The Biblical Mandate: 

    The biblical mandates that exist between citizen and government consist of the following:

    Human Beings are unique and a special creation and as such have tremendous inherent self-worth and responsibilities.

    People are designed to be productive in shaping, building, improving and discovering ways to enrich their own lives, the lives of those around them, and the lives of generations to come.

    Citizens in a Democratic Republic must hold government accountable by their input and their united effort as stewards of their own freedoms, which is their natural right.

    Citizens are responsible to direct the course of their nation, its resources, its technology, and its culture to uplift and benefit.  And, to actively resist that which debases, destroys, enfeebles and manipulates for evil. 


    Church's and their leaders are historically part of the media meant to illuminate and influence public opinion and culture regarding biblical values.   In recent history churches have forgotten this primary function and left cultural influence to the "secular" media and have restricted themselves within a church-only arena. 

    Absent the united voice and influence of Church leaders and laypeople a host of dangerous anti-life ideologies have arisen in our society such as the Critical Theory of Cultural Marxism and the domestic and international rise of Militant Political Islam.    




    Hawaii Future Project is Committed to Pursuing the Following Agenda 


    We hold that  Civic Associations of like mined individuals are the key to changing the balancing of power between those who seek to preserve limited constitutional government and those who would see an unlimited expansion of government into every area of life.  


    To engage in the battle space of ideas, the voice of the pro-faith community must be of one spirit from leadership to individual citizen.   That for the cause of personal and religious liberty the time tested standards of strong families, ethical communities and the values that build and strengthen society must take priority.


    We seek to assemble a New Beginning that supports and elects leaders who understand the principals under-girding a free society, and have the gift and wisdom to confront the near-sighted social constructs which has left us with collapsing family structure, failing schools, insufficient housing and both a decaying environmental and public infrastructure that undercuts the individuals pursuit of happiness and is a disservice our communities. 



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