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A Better Future for all Hawaii

Hawaii Future Project is a non-profit public interest group designed to expand the understanding and implementation of Judeo-Christian Values as the foundation of self government.  

By signing into this data base driven site you are working with thousands of Hawaii's citizens to impact our state for the better.

We are working with website building, social media, Level-2 voter mapping and data base sites such as this one to assemble the cultural/political infrastructure to win elections and transform state politics.

This goal can be accomplished with the support and input particularly of those who have given up on cultural transformation and feel powerless to achieve lasting progress.

Our state needs new ideas and experience and the solid reasoning of those who hold traditional values to put our state and her people on the path of growth, opportunity and prosperity for all segment of our society.  

Your participation as an inform citizens and your ability to integrate your passion and experience into state wide coalition groups will magnify our impact throughout the state of Hawaii.

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